Create Your Perfect Front Page Feature Photo

Male Escorts Melbourne Steps for Your Melbourne Male Escorts Perfect Feature Photo

Easily Edit Your Photo to Size Here

  • Step 1. Click to open photo editor.
  • Step 2. Locate and open your photo in the editor.
  • Step 3. Scroll down screen so you can see the Aspect Ratio box.
  • Step 4. Click on 3:2 in Aspect Ratio box.
  • Step 5. Position and Size the crop box.
    – Click, hold and drag frame of box to enlarge or reduce.
    – Click, hold and drag inside box to re-position.
  • Step 6. Once happy, click the Download this crop button.
  • Step 7. Upload your new Feature Photo from your device below.
  • Watch the video on the right to see the steps in action ……………

How to crop your photo with MS Windows or Mac OS

  • Having trouble with the online editor?
  • Don’t worry you can use the paint package built into either your MS Windows or Apple Mac computer.
  • Watch the appropriate video and just remember to crop your new image to a ratio of 3 units wide to every 2 units high.
  • Example cropping areas: 300 wide x 200 high, 600 wide x 400 high, 900 wide x 600 high, 150 wide x 100 high etc

Crop Your Photo with MS Windows

Crop Your Photo using Mac OS

Photo Editing Service

  • Still having trouble editing your photo?
  • We can help at a cost of $30.00 per photo, just let us know what you would like done.


Melbourne Male Escorts does not warrant or provide any support for the third party applications that appear on this page. However we would like you to inform us if there are any problems with the links, thank you.

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