Obtaining a SWA Number for Melbourne Male Escorts

Where only one person carries on business as a sex work service provider, they are exempt from requiring a licence. However, they must register their details with the Business Licensing Authority.

A small owner-operated business is allowed to operate with a second sex work service provider and still rely on the exemption for small owner-operated businesses, provided that the second person is not employed by the small owner-operator.

If you operate as an exempt sex work service provider without providing the prescribed particulars to the Business Licensing Authority, you can be fined.

Apply for a sex work service provider’s licence

Consumer Affairs VictoriaRegistration is simple, currently there are no fees and the process usually has a relatively quick turn a round time.

For more details including online application forms, telephone and email application support, go to Consumer Affairs Victoria Small owner-operators (exempt sex work service providers) website.


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