Male Escorts Melbourne Privacy Policy.

Male Escorts Melbourne Privacy Policy for Melbourne Male Escorts

Melbourne Male Escorts Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personal information with an intention to direct market. We do not sell, share, swap or give any of your personal details or information to any third parties for any reason, other than with the exception of official requests from lawful authorities.

If your application is unsuccessful or you do not take up your offer, the details you submitted online are scheduled to be deleted 3 months after the submission date.

By submitting any photo/s, personal detail/s or other information to Melbourne Male Escorts, regardless of the method of delivery, electronic or otherwise. You are acknowledging that you understand the nature of the business and should you accept any offer made, you are giving your express permission to have any or all of those details published on the web.

Upon accepting any offer, unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing at or before the time of acceptance, you are agreeing to have all the details you submitted to be used to create your online profile. Details can be removed, updated or replaced at any time by sending a clear, concise email request to admin email address or via the online contact us form outlining the changes to be made. We will endeavor to complete online profile update requests within 24 hours of us receiving the email request. This timeframe is for guidance only, it is neither a promise nor a guarantee, implied or otherwise.

For those who cancel and / or suspended their subscription payments or let them expire, and / or request their profile be suspended, cancelled, removed or deleted. Unless explicitly requested otherwise in writing via email to admin email address or via the online contact us form, their profile will be archived. This may provide the ability to have the profile restored at a later date and may leave some information (photos and / or personal details) to be accessible via the web.

We reserve the right to communicate freely with individuals who has applied to appear on, is appearing on or has previously appeared on at any time we should feel appropriate. We also reserve the right to change our privacy policies at our discretion, without notice.

Legal Disclaimer

Escorts appearing on are independent escorts. They are not employed by, licensed to or contracted in any way to any owner or affiliate of this website. We are not an agency, we do not take commissions, agency fees, profit share or any other payments directly associated with escort fees. We are an online media company who specializes in providing affordable high profile exposure for independent escorts through top ranking websites.

We do not provide any guarantees, warranties, advice or opinions implied or otherwise, with regard to any of the escorts appearing on any of our websites. Escorts and clients alike need to be aware of and understand any potential risks associated with the industry. We do not make claims regarding, nor do we take responsibility for any situation/s that may arise from contacts made though any of our websites.

While we monitor our websites to help ensure the published content remains within the bounds of locale advertising laws and guidelines. We accept no responsibility for any published content. Including but not exclusive to personal details.

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